5th Lagos International Water Conference #LIWAC discusses water financing


@Joy Aduroja

I attended the two days of the 5th Lagos International Water Conference #LIWAC2024 – July 25-26

The conference commenced with a  reflection on the progress made in the past #LIWACs and discussed ongoing efforts (like the Lagos Water Partnership by the Resilience Water Accelerator #RWA) to improve water resilience.

The Lagos State Governor, #Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu addressed the audience, emphasising the need for teamwork in solving water issues. Differing from the popular slogan that ‘Water has no enemy’, the Governor said we are all enemies of water until we individually and collectively solve the Lagos Water Crisis.

Some of the keynote presentations were on:

  • Insights from Metro Manila’s experiences in private sector involvement in the water industry
  • Strategic options for private sector investment in the Lagos State Water Sector

During the panel discussions on #innovative financing models, #resource planning, and #management in the #WASH sector @CPA, Dr. Julius Itunga, the Chief Executive Officer -Water Services Regulatory Board, Kenya discussed water financing frameworks and the role of regulations in this context.

The roundtable sessions were particularly interesting, covering topics like public-private partnerships, innovative financing instruments, and community-based financing.

Experts from around the world offered practical advice on financing strategies, digital payment impacts, and capacity building for financial institutions.

The second day continued discussions on sustainable financing, public data optimization, and strategic approaches to water supply and sanitation services.

#LIWAC is not just a place for discussion; it is a driving force for change, promoting innovative solutions and partnerships in the water and sanitation sector.

As I continue to learn from this #LIWAC, I am more motivated than ever to contribute to sustainable water management and to keep exploring new ways to grow and improve in this important field.

A special thank you to the #Bread of Life Development Foundation for nominating me to attend this important event. Bread of Life’s support has been crucial in my journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be among leading experts and stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector.

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